Hordan wants to display his dance skills”



I paused at the best possible time.

And then there’s James’ comment. 


so i hit 2k

thank you so so so much

i love you all very much

thank you for putting up with my shit and not being on all the time

i will try to get back to writing

bu thank you lots, i love you all.


ok since everyone seems to like these type these words into the tag box and see what comes up 1st, here’s another one!!

— then

— are

— kiss

— ass

— just

— lol

— me

— that

— tbh

— did

— something

I like these way too much.

  1. [friends don't invite you to something]
  2. cr1tikal voice: alright I'll go fuck myself then

The only proof that I need is you. {x}
                                                 - long distance relationship au

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jordan or james?

get to know: uberhaxornova (x)(x)

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